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How can the 1876 Club help make our Vision and Goals real?

"The 1876 Club" is to be an Alumni Membership club affording members an opportunity to connect, reminisce and share in the Values and Memories of UBRFC.

The aim is to provide a consistent stream of news and events to create connection and value amongst the old boys network, whilst affording the opportunity to explore new prospects and generate funding through subscriptions, competitions, auctions, various events and charitable donations.

Current Student Benefits: the initiative will endeavour to increase communication and connection between alumni and current students, enabling networking opportunities for work experience and potential careers as clubmen move on from the University of Bristol

Former Student Benefits: we will connect Alumni not only with each other, affording the opportunity to reminisce on past occasions, but also encourage business networking with fellow past Alumni. In addition to this we will connect the Alumni with current students and club news via a range of social media channels and exciting events, varying from casual catch ups and traditional fixtures, to dinners and networking recruitment opportunities.




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