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UBRFC in London

UBRFC will be in London three times this season due to both Brunel 1st XV and 2nd XV being in the UBRFC 1st XV being in their league. However on the evening of Friday December 15th the Maroon "1876" Prestigious side will be making there way to the capital to take on Birmingham University 1st XV in a game under the lights at Grasshopper Rugby Club

(TW7 5PN).

The bar and the kitchen will be open and the stands will be full of current and old students from both universities. It will be a great opportunity to catch the team and to meet old friends in what will be the UBRFC DERBY.

Tickets are only £10 and are available at the link below:

We really hope you can attend and help us make sure we have more noise than our Midland rivals.


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