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Fixtures Released

The coaching and management team have been hitting the refresh button all morning but the email from BUCS HQ has landed and we are pleased to share with you the fixtures below for ALL our UBRFC teams.

The 1st XV have a very tough year yet again in the BUCS South 1 league which has the addition of a heavily backed Brunel University who stormed the South 2 league last season as well as the always impressive Exeter sides. Local universities Hartpury and Bath add some rivalry spice to the fixture list and not forgetting the two universities over the bridge.

Joe Goodman, Head of Rugby said "Our aim as always is promotion, we will do everything we can do to give this squad the best possible chance of that. We are delighted we have Chris Horsman and Shane Claridge for another season as we look to build on last season. As always we strive to ensure the players connect, lead and excel on and off the field".

The 2 XV are just a tier below the 1st XV in Western 1A league and have a winnable league having narrowly missed out on the top spot last season. There are 3 Exeter sides in 1A next season meaning the 2nd XV will be making the M5 a home from home.

Club Manager Olly Slym said "There will be some changes to next season with the 4th XV becoming our freshers side and being the only English side in that league will challenge the new students. The 5th are in a large league but due to travel will only have 7 games so we will be adding local fixtures in for the 5th team to play, its going to be a great season I'm sure!"

Please find the full fixture list below - Times are yet to be confirmed and fixtures may change but be sure to check the fixture tab on the website for all up to date information.

1st XV

Date Opposition Home/Away

5.10.22 Cardiff Met 2XV Away

12.10.22 Hartpury 2XV Home

19.10.22 Cardiff 2XV Away

26.10.22 Brunel Home

2.11.22 Exeter 3XV Away

9.11.22 Exeter 2XV Home

16.11.22 Bath 2XV Away

23.11.22 Cardiff Met 2XV Home

30.11.22 Hartpury 2XV Away

7.12.22 Cardiff 2XV Home

18.01.23 TBC

25.01.23 TBC

01.2.23 TBC

08.02.23 TBC

2nd XV

5.10.22 Gloucestershire Away

12.10.22 Exeter 5XV Home

19.10.22 Swansea 2XV Away

26.10.22 Brunel 2XV Away

2.11.22 Bath 3XV Away

9.11.22 Gloucestershire Home

16.11.22 Exeter 5XV Home


30.11.22 Exeter 4XV Away



25.01.22 Exeter 4XV Home


8.2.23 Swansea 2XV Home

3rd XV


12.10.22 Plymouth Away

19.10.22 Southampton Away


2.11.22 Solent Away


16.11.22 Plymouth Home

23.11.22 Cup Match

30.11.22 Bournemouth Away

7.12.22 Solent Home

18.01.23 Bournemouth Home

25.01.22 Bath 4s Home


8.2.23 Southampton Home

22.2.23 Bath 4s Away

4th XV


12.10.22 Cardiff Met 6XV Home

19.10.22 Swansea 4XV Away


2.11.22 Cardiff Met 5XV Away

9.11.22 Cup Match Away

16.11.22 Cardiff Met 6XV Away


30.11.22 Cardiff 5XV Away

7.12.22 Cardiff Met 5XV Home

18.01.23 Cardiff 5XV Home

25.01.22 Aberystwyth Home


8.2.23 Swansea 4XV Home

22.2.23 Aberystwyth Away

5th XV


12.10.22 Cardiff Met 8XV Home

19.10.22 Carmarthen Away


2.11.22 Hartpury 6XV Away


16.11.22 UWTSD Away


30.11.22 Hartpury 5XV Home

7.12.22 UW TSD Swansea Home

18.01.23 AECC Home


1.2.23 Cup Match Away

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