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Inclusive Scholarships



Supporting students and rugby for all, no matter their financial standing, the Lloyd Robinson Sports Award is handed out to a few students every year who display a good sporting ability, add value to the club as good people and demonstrate a need for assistance to be able to participate in the sport they love.

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Performance Maroon Rugby Scholarships


With aspirations to play rugby at the highest level in BUCS Super Rugby, in addition to supporting individual players in reaching their potential in the professional game. UBRFC aims to be a performance leading club, and for student athletes who demonstrate exceptional sporting ability and high personal values, we aim to provide both performance and financial support to aid them in reaching their academic and sporting goals.

Performance Resources



UBRFC aims to provide performance and training resources to afford every player the opportunity to grow and develop on and off the field, gaining a unique learning and playing experience within a well-resourced rugby club.


This requires a substantial amount of support in the form of professional coaching, management, physical preparation and medical care. Alongside performance analysis resources, performance living support and a vast amount of kit and equipment to run the largest rugby club in Bristol.

Club Facilities 



UBRFC aims to provide a home and the necessary facilities for every team to be able to train and play at their best. 


This requires quality field access, such as a modern AWP 3G pitch, smart floodlighting, large gym facilities, appropriate changing and hospitality spaces, and suitable training and playing fields all year round.


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